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Your children are dying, Injesting the poison, Reality aborted, Without reason,

The sickness within,

The drugs of choice, Crushed up, And cooked down, Like some anchient, Means of destroying, The enemy...

Someone, No one, Forgetting who you are, Redefining your...

Screaming and writhing, In your own world, Nothing within you, Shows regret, Just the fear, Written in your eyes, Shows us, All we need to know...

Crushed up, And cooked down, Like some way, Of destroying...

Stripping futures, From yourselves, Without second thoughts, Or an ounce, Of repentence...

Only terror wakes you, As you die, And you gave your life, For a fix...

Crushed up, And cooked down, Like some way, Of destroying...



When I was young I was told I lost my mind, But it was never found I tried to embrace what others called truth, But they lied to me I tried to give and accept love But it wasn't real People spoke to me of hope for my future, But that was a waste of breathe I questioned all that I saw and heard, But there were and are no answers I tried to learn useful things, but there aren't any

In another life I hope to turn out to be something



Moving on to another subject, There's nothing left to respect,

As I wander, weak and clearly, I visit death, and she fears me,

Sarrow grips me and i pause, Slowly dying for the wrong cause,

A life violent and yet tame, Nothing ever remains the same,

Wishes made and fortunes told, For an empty promise a soul is sold,

Hatered flows indescriminantly, A futile effort to intimidate me,

Dejected from the day I was born, An eternal target of abuse and scorn,

Illnesses without any resolution, Victem of sadness, torture, and destitution,

Bleeding for the sins of another, I only have but one life to smother,

I am the unacknowleged sacrifice, Without the benifit of any sage advice,

There is no way to sum all this up, I simply sip the ashes from lifes' cup,

An ending of a life to gather some peace, Death for me would not be a horror, but a release. 1998

A Thought...... If I appear cryptic in my messages , it is because the thrust of the message is still unknown to even my self......


Just before the people of this world decide to burn themselves to cinders I wish to predict the collapse of the last of the empires of Rome. I asure you this will not be a pretty sight. Under the guise of independance the nation shall cause great psychological chaos to spread within itself like a brushfire consuming a dryed-out forrest as the natives to the soil stir the flames of madness. Removing values from life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the fundamental system of moral ethics.

The decay of thier society is measured by the brutality of their youngest members, as those who came before the produced the walking nightmares that they had become. Virtue lost, intellect abandoned, and all respect for law systematicly destroyed, it is ironic that those who created the disaster utter even a single word of shock as an entire nation slowly commits suicide.

Ask not, what your country can do for you...but if your country can prevent a slow self-anhilation. Even if it doesn't know it's dying...1998

(My country needs to stop destroying itself ever so subtlely)

(so cold is the empty bed somedays I want for nothing but warmth)